vaginismus treatment

Vaginismus Treatment

Best Vaginismus Treatment in HSR Layout | Splendore Aesthetic Clinic

Vaginismus Treatment

Best Vaginismus Treatment in HSR Layout | Splendore Aesthetic Clinic. The involuntary tensing of the vagina is known as vaginismus. It’s usually experienced while starting sex, inserting a tampon, or during a pelvic exam. Vaginismus is one of the most identified causes of painful intercourse or dyspareunia. In this condition, unintentional muscles spasms occur while attempting any sort of vaginal penetration. it’s a lunchbreak procedure with botox.


vaginismus treatment

In vaginismus, the muscles around the vaginal opening contract or tighten involuntarily, making it difficult or impossible to insert a suppository or other object into the vagina. This can make sexual activity uncomfortable or impossible, and it can also complicate gynaecological exams and procedures. Splendore Aesthetics provides a comprehensive treatment plan for vaginismus, which can help alleviate some of the condition’s symptoms.

Diagnosis of vaginismus treatment. An in-depth physical examination and medical history take are both part of Splendore Aesthetics’ comprehensive evaluation process. The team can then assess the severity of the condition and create an appropriate course of treatment.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is one of the best ways to treat vaginismus. Collaborating with a therapist who can provide instruction on how to strengthen and relax the pelvic floor muscles is an important part of this process. These at-home routines have been shown to improve muscle control and, in turn, alleviate some of the discomfort associated with vaginismus.

Physical therapy is just one option for vaginismus treatment provided by Splendore Aesthetics; other options include vaginal dilators, vaginal creams, and oral medications. It may be easier to insert an object into the vagina if the surrounding muscles have been treated to reduce their tension. Splendore Aesthetics is dedicated to helping each patient find the ideal course of treatment for their unique situation.

Botox injections could be an alternative for patients who have not responded to other treatments. The pelvic floor muscles can benefit from Botox because it is a muscle relaxant that can be injected directly into them. Patients suffering from severe vaginismus may find this to be an extremely helpful treatment option.

Finally, surgery is an option for treating vaginismus. This is only suggested for extremely severe cases where other treatments have failed. Splendore Aesthetics works with patients to help them decide if surgery is necessary and to prepare them for what to anticipate before, during, and after the operation.

These spasms are mildly uncomfortable, and if left unattended, they may turn out to be extremely painful. Usually, the symptoms of vaginismus appear in late teens or early adulthood while having sex for the first time. In some cases, women may develop vaginismus even after having an active and long sex life.

The contributing factors of vaginismus include the following –

  • Unveilingness to have sex or a trauma derived by abusive sexual experience
  • Prior surgery, anxiety disorder
  • Childbirth injuries like vaginal tears  
  • Once the condition is confirmed, we use our advanced treatment methodology to reduce the reflex of the muscles that causes them to tense up. 

No matter what course of treatment is chosen, the staff at Splendore Aesthetics places a premium on patient understanding and comfort. The team understands that vaginismus is a delicate condition to manage and is dedicated to guiding patients with compassion every step of the way.

Hope is available for anyone dealing with vaginismus treatment. You can recover your sexual health and overcome the symptoms of this condition with the help of a specialised treatment plan and a competent and caring team. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with Splendore Aesthetics as soon as possible to schedule an evaluation and discuss their treatment options.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, vaginismus can be cured with suitable treatment options. Usually, it’s treated using alternatives like sex therapy and counseling, exercises, vaginal dilators, physical therapy, botox, etc. Reaching out to a reliable vaginismus treatment center like us can help one in getting permanent relief

Vaginismus has a few sound symptoms, and they include –

  • Pain during vaginal penetration
  • Inability to have sex even if there’s no lack of willingness in physical relationships

In most cases, vaginismus goes away within 8-12 weeks after getting the treatment.

No, vaginismus is not a mental condition. The involuntary clench of vaginal muscles is called vaginismus. However, the condition may derive from a psychological origin like fear of abusive sex

Practicing kegel may help in comforting vaginismus. However, to get complete relief, one should consider a reliable clinic rendering systematic vaginismus treatment.

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