Vaginismus Treatment

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Vaginismus Treatment

Best Vaginismus Treatment in HSR Layout | Splendore Aesthetic Clinic. The involuntary tensing of the vagina is known as vaginismus. It’s usually experienced while starting sex, inserting a tampon, or during a pelvic exam.

Vaginismus is one of the most identified causes of painful intercourse or dyspareunia. In this condition, unintentional muscles spasms occur while attempting any sort of vaginal penetration.

Vaginismus is a condition characterized by involuntary muscle spasms of the pelvic floor muscles, causing pain and discomfort during attempted vaginal penetration. It can greatly impact a person’s sexual health and quality of life. However, effective treatments are available to help those with vaginismus.

Vaginismus treatment typically involves a combination of physical and psychological therapies. One common approach is pelvic floor muscle relaxation exercises. These exercises focus on releasing tension and strengthening the muscles through relaxation techniques and controlled contractions. Physical therapy, such as pelvic floor physiotherapy, may also be recommended to address any muscle imbalances or trigger points.

Counseling and psychotherapy can play a crucial role in vaginismus treatment. This may include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to address negative thoughts or fears related to sex, as well as sex therapy to improve communication and intimacy with a partner. Addressing any underlying psychological or emotional factors, such as anxiety or past trauma, can be key to overcoming vaginismus.

In some cases, the use of dilators or vaginal trainers may be recommended. These are graduated devices that help to gradually stretch and desensitize the vaginal muscles over time, allowing for easier penetration. A healthcare provider may also prescribe topical or oral medications to reduce pain and inflammation.

It’s important to note that vaginismus treatment is highly individualized and may require patience and persistence. With proper guidance and support from healthcare providers, most individuals with vaginismus can achieve significant improvement in their symptoms and regain a healthy and satisfying sex life.

These spasms are mildly uncomfortable, and if left unattended, they may turn out to be extremely painful. Usually, the symptoms of vaginismus appear in late teens or early adulthood while having sex for the first time. In some cases, women may develop vaginismus even after having an active and long sex life.

The contributing factors of vaginismus include the following –

  • Unveilingness to have sex or a trauma derived by abusive sexual experience
  • Prior surgery, anxiety disorder
  • Childbirth injuries like vaginal tears

Best Vaginismus Treatment in HSR Layout | Splendore Aesthetic Clinic offers best vaginal rejuvenation treatment with advanced treatment methodology. Here at Splendore clinic, our adept healthcare providers check your medical and sexual history without harming confidentiality, and they conduct a thorough pelvic exam to confirm the presence of vaginismus.

Once the condition is confirmed, we use our advanced treatment methodology to reduce the reflex of the muscles that causes them to tense up. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, vaginismus can be cured with suitable treatment options. Usually, it’s treated using alternatives like sex therapy and counseling, exercises, vaginal dilators, physical therapy, botox, etc. Reaching out to a reliable vaginismus treatment center like us can help one in getting permanent relief

Vaginismus has a few sound symptoms, and they include –

  • Pain during vaginal penetration
  • Inability to have sex even if there’s no lack of willingness in physical relationships

In most cases, vaginismus goes away within 8-12 weeks after getting the treatment.

No, vaginismus is not a mental condition. The involuntary clench of vaginal muscles is called vaginismus. However, the condition may derive from a psychological origin like fear of abusive sex

Practicing kegel may help in comforting vaginismus. However, to get complete relief, one should consider a reliable clinic rendering systematic vaginismus treatment.

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