Dermal fillers

Dermal Fillers

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Dermal Fillers

Enhancing your natural attractiveness with dermal fillers is a risk-free procedure that can last anywhere from a few months to a year. When you visit Splendore Aesthetics, you can rest assured that you will receive the utmost in professional care and individualized attention from the moment you walk through the door until you attain the youthful, radiant look you’ve always wanted.

Dermal fillers are substances that are injected into the skin to augment or repair volume loss in the face, hands, or other parts of the body. Those who wish to improve their appearance, lessen the indications of aging, and attain a more youthful and radiant look often turn to them as a popular treatment option in the field of cosmetic medicine. Splendore Aesthetics provides a comprehensive selection of dermal fillers to assist patients in accomplishing the aesthetic goals they have set for themselves.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring component in the body that helps to moisturize and plump the skin. This chemical is commonly used in the manufacturing of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers, when injected into the skin, have the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, restore volume to parts of the face that have lost it, and enhance facial features like the cheeks, lips, and chin.

Lip enhancement with dermal fillers is consistently ranked as one of the most sought-after applications of these products. The use of dermal fillers, which are known to be both safe and efficient, can help a person get the fuller, plumper lips that they have long desired. Your entire appearance can be improved thanks to the expert practitioners at Splendore Aesthetics who utilize dermal fillers to increase the shape, size, and symmetry of the lips. This creates a result that appears natural and improves your appearance.

Dermal fillers have use beyond simply augmenting the lips; they can also be utilized to treat other parts of the face. For instance, they can be used to fill in deep creases and wrinkles around the mouth and nose, such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Moreover, they can be used to smooth out the appearance of scars and stretch marks. A more sculpted and defined appearance can also be achieved with the help of dermal fillers by augmenting the appearance of the cheeks, chin, and jawline.

At Splendore Aesthetics, we provide a wide selection of various dermal fillers to cater to the specific requirements and preferences of each individual patient. Juvéderm is a hyaluronic acid filler that is known for producing results that endure for a long time and having an appearance that looks natural. It is one of our most popular fillers. The lips, the cheeks, and the area beneath the eyes are just some of the places that can be treated with Juvéderm.

Restylane, which is also made from hyaluronic acid and is another popular filler that we provide, is one example. Restylane can be used to add volume to the cheeks and other parts of the face, as well as to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and it can also be used to enhance the lips.

We provide hyaluronic acid fillers in addition to Sculptra, which is a filler that encourages the body’s natural creation of collagen to produce a more youthful and voluptuous appearance. Sculptra is also available from our company. Sculptra is an excellent choice for people who desire results that will last for a longer period of time and get better over time.

When you come to Splendore Aesthetics for dermal fillers, our trained practitioners will collaborate with you to develop the most effective treatment plan to achieve the results you desire. We will have a conversation about your objectives, your preferences, and any worries you may have, and then we will devise an individualized treatment strategy that is catered to your specific requirements.

The dermal filler treatment process itself is not very time-consuming or complicated, and the majority of consultations only last about half an hour. In order to alleviate any discomfort that may be caused by the procedure, a topical anesthetic may be administered to the skin beforehand. After that, a very fine needle is used to inject the filler into the regions that were targeted, and the procedure is finished after that.

Following the therapy, you may notice that the area around the injection site is slightly swollen, red, or bruised. On the other hand, these negative effects typically only last for a short period of time and should stop occurring within a few days. The vast majority of patients are able to quickly resume their regular activities following treatment; however, it is recommended that they refrain from engaging in intense activity and staying out of direct sunlight for a few days.

In general, dermal fillers are a risk-free and efficient method to improve one’s appearance, resulting in a more young and radiant appearance. At Splendore Aesthetics, we are committed to providing our customers with the greatest possible standard of medical treatment and the most cutting-edge procedures available.


Most frequent questions and answers

When administered by a qualified and experienced practitioner, dermal fillers are generally safe. However, as with any medical procedure, there are some risks and potential side effects.

Common side effects of dermal fillers include swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness at the injection site. In rare cases, more serious side effects such as infection or allergic reaction may occur.

 The duration of the effects of dermal fillers depends on the type of filler used and the individual’s metabolism. Generally, hyaluronic acid fillers last 6-18 months, while calcium hydroxylapatite fillers can last up to a year.

Common side effects of dermal fillers include swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness at the injection site. In rare cases, more serious side effects such as infection or allergic reaction may occur.

Dermal fillers can be made of a variety of materials, including hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and poly-L-lactic acid.

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