Eyelash Tint

Eyelash Tint

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Eyelash Tint

Think of eyelash tinting like getting your roots touched up. The dye will intensify your natural lashes by darkening them and adding definition to the eye. The dye itself is similar to what you use on your hair, except it’s specifically developed to be safe around the eye area.

In order to give the lashes a darker and more defined appearance, eyelash tinting is a cosmetic process that involves applying a specific dye to the lashes. As more people look for discreet, non-invasive ways to accentuate their inherent beauty, the process is growing in popularity.

Eyelash tinting is fundamentally a quick and easy procedure that may be finished in a few minutes. Usually, a vegetable-based dye is used in the procedure, and a little brush is used to carefully apply it to the lashes. The dye is applied, let to fully permeate the lashes for a few minutes, and then wiped off with warm water.

Making your lashes appear fuller and thicker is one of the main advantages of eyelash tinting. This is particularly true if you have finer or lighter lashes because they could be harder to notice against your skin or seem sparse. Without using mascara or other lash-enhancing treatments, you can give the appearance of increased volume and thickness by adding a deeper color to your lashes.

Another advantage of tinting your eyelashes is that it can help you streamline your regular cosmetic regimen and save time. If you frequently use mascara or other lash-enhancers, you might discover that you have to spend a lot of time every day applying and removing them. You can achieve a more effortless and natural-looking appearance with eyelash tinting without using additional products or performing maintenance.

Eyelash Tint

To start the process, dermatologist puts a pad under your eyes to protect your skin and then applies the dye to your lower lashes first, followed by the top. It only takes about 10 minutes for the dye to absorb into the hairs.

The hazards associated with eyelash tinting should be noted, though. There is a slight chance of allergic reactions or other negative effects, just like with any cosmetic operation. It is crucial to select a trained and experienced technician who uses high-quality, safe supplies and adheres to the correct safety and hygiene procedures.

Also, not everyone should get their eyelashes tinted. You may be more likely to have negative responses to the dye if you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies. Before receiving treatment, it is crucial to speak with your technician and go over any worries or health issues.

Overall, tinting your eyelashes can be a secure and efficient technique to bring out your lashes’ inherent beauty. You can experience longer-lasting, darker, and more defined lashes with the appropriate method and supplies. If you’re thinking about giving eyelash tinting a try, make sure to do your research and pick a skilled professional who can give you the look you want or even reach out to us for more details.


Most frequent questions and answers

You must wait 24 hours after a lift and tint to shower. We use 24 hours as a buffer time to allow the lashes to set properly and avoid any issues with the lift. After the 24 hours waiting period you can wash your face and lashes like normal.

Lash tinting can also damage your eyelashes and dry them out. This is because any kind of dye or tint on your lashes and hair will strip the natural moisture out cause them to become dry and brittle. The more your lashes are tinted, the dryer and more brittle they will become.

Don’t wash your face or get your eye or lash area wet for at least 24 – 48 hours after having your eyelashes tinted. This is because the tint needs time to settle into your eyelashes and washing them too soon will cause fading.