Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, is a type of cosmetic procedure that involves implanting pigment into the skin to create a long-lasting enhancement of facial features such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. This type of cosmetic procedure is sometimes referred to as “permanent makeup.” Permanent makeup is another name that is occasionally used to refer to this specific kind of cosmetic procedure. On occasion, the term “permanent makeup” will be used to refer to the particular kind of cosmetic procedure that is being discussed here. When referring to this treatment in specific settings, the phrase “permanent makeup” is also frequently used as an alternative term. The procedure is extremely comparable to getting a tattoo; however, rather than using a needle and ink, they make use of specialized equipment and techniques to produce results that are rendered more subtly and accurately. It is a practical alternative for people who want to cut down the amount of time they spend applying their makeup each day, as well as for people who have medical conditions that hinder their ability to apply conventional makeup. People who want to cut down the amount of time they spend applying their makeup each day can benefit from this product. This product is useful for individuals who wish to reduce the amount of time they spend every day applying their makeup and could benefit from doing so. This product is beneficial for people who wish to cut down on the amount of time they spend every day applying their makeup and who would reap the benefits of doing so if they did so. Permanent makeup, if maintained correctly and given the appropriate amount of care, has the potential to remain in place without smudging or fading for a significant amount of time.


Permanent Lip color

Permanent lip color is a cosmetic procedure where pigments are implanted into the lips to create a long-lasting, natural-looking color. It eliminates the need for daily lipstick application and can enhance the shape and definition of the lips.

permanent makeup


The Eyebrow treatment involves reshaping and enhancing the eyebrows to achieve a more defined and polished look. It includes tinting, waxing, threading, and filling in the brows to create a more natural appearance.



Our eyelash treatment is a quick and effective way to enhance your natural lashes. Our professional technicians use safe, high-quality products to give you fuller, longer lashes in no time.

Micro Blading​​ treatment

micro blading

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that includes creating fine, hair-like strokes on the brow area with a small handheld instrument. This procedure improves the appearance of the brows by filling in gaps and giving them a more defined shape. With careful care, it can last up to two years.


Lash lamination

Lash lamination is a cosmetic procedure that involves curling and elevating the lashes to improve their look. The method employs a perm solution and specialised equipment to straighten and shape the lashes, resulting in a longer, more defined appearance. With careful care, the benefits can last up to 6-8 weeks.


Eyelashes tint

Eyelash tinting is a cosmetic procedure that includes putting a semi-permanent dye to the eyelashes to give them a darker, fuller appearance without the use of mascara. The colour is often composed of vegetable-based components and lasts for several weeks before gradually fading. It is a risk-free and effective method of enhancing the natural appearance of the eyes.