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Botox and Derma Fillers

Best Botox face treatment and Dermal Fillers treatment in Bangalore

Botox and Derma Fillers

Botox face treatment and Dermal Fillers treatment in HSR Layout | Splendore Clinic.

Botox and dermal fillers are important face treatments because they can help lessen the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, giving the appearance of a more young and rejuvenated face. They can also be used to improve facial symmetry and highlight particular facial characteristics. 

These procedures are popular choices for people looking for non-surgical cosmetic changes because they are minimally invasive and have little to no downtime.

Botox injections are highly effective in treating conditions like pelvic flow dysfunction and more. It involves applying botulinum toxin, a purified toxin extracted from a certain type of bacteria. 

Our adept doctors push this injection into various specific points in the spasmed and tight lower vaginal muscles. To ensure the process is painless and safe, we perform it under general anesthesia or light sedation.

dermal fillers & botox face treatment

Being an excellent paralyzing agent, botox works get when it comes to reducing nerve pain. The best part is, botox eliminates the necessity of any further treatment for relaxing muscles caused by different conditions like vaginismus and more.

Talking about the derma fillers, they aim to rejuvenate the labia area of the vagina. By plumping the labia area, derma fillers help you in bringing back your sweet sixteen charm. This non-invasive treatment is beneficial in reducing the signs of aging by tightening the vaginal tissues.

The procedure involves injecting tightening agents in the labial area, and the process is simple and outpatient. The agent used is hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring biopolymer known for its ability to increase tissue hydration and elasticity.

Here at Splendore Clinic, we provide the Best Botox and Dermal Fillers treatment in HSR Layout with safe and effective dermal fillers treatments to remove wrinkles and look younger. Our experienced physicians use 100% organic hyaluronic acid that doesn’t carry any side effects or complications. The process is repeatable as well as reversible.


Most frequent questions and answers

Dermal fillers are injectable materials that can be used to plump up drooping skin, fill in wrinkles, and enhance facial features like the lips and cheeks. They function by replenishing lost facial volume in places like the nasolabial folds or marionette lines while also causing the skin’s collagen synthesis to increase.

With the help of an injectable procedure called Botox, the muscles that generate wrinkles and fine lines are momentarily relaxed. The most common areas where it is applied are to address crow’s feet, forehead, and brow furrow wrinkles.

When administered by a licenced and experienced professional, dermal fillers and Botox are both typically safe procedures. But, before receiving therapy, you should consider the risks and potential side effects with your practitioner as there are with any medical procedure.

Dermal fillers’ and Botox’s effects last a different amount of time depending on the patient, the substance utilised, and the area of the face that is being treated. Botox usually has benefits that last three to four months, however dermal fillers can have effects that last anywhere from six months to two years.

Botox and dermal filler procedures are usually quick and painless, and patients can resume their regular activities right away. There may be some minor bruising, redness, or swelling in the treated area.