Female Sexual Dysfunction

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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Problems in HSR Layout | Dr. Regina Joseph is one of the best doctor for Female Sexual Dysfunction in HSR Layout at Splendore Aesthetic Clinic. When persistent and recurrent problems with sexual response, libido, or orgasm occur in a woman, it’s identified as sexual dysfunction. There are different physiological and physical causes of female sexual dysfunction. The most common of them are stress, lifestyle, relationship issues, pregnancy, hormonal issues, depression, anxiety, or more. 

The symptoms involve the following:

  • Pain while having sex 
  • Issues with sexual arousal 
  • Low libido
  • Orgasmic disorder or anorgasmia 

Female Sexual Problems in HSR Layout | Dr. Regina Joseph provides the best Female Sexual Dysfunction in HSR Layout. Here at Splendore Clinic, our efficient diagnosis methodology helps our doctor to find out the root cause of sexual dysfunction, and depending on the results, they put the patient on a treatment that’s capable of uprooting the problem and let one get back her enchanting sexual life.

Treatments include psychological counseling sessions, enhancing sexual stimulation, rendering distraction techniques, and suggesting non-coital behavior.


Most frequent questions and answers

In most cases, sexual dysfunction in women is curable. However, if the underlying cause as serious as a hysterectomy and so on, the problem may not be treated.

There are a of reasons including physiological health, physical condition, and more that can stop women from responding to sex and this is identified as sexual dysfunction in women. 

While giving birth, women experience numerous hormonal changes and this may create room for sexual dysfunction. However, not every woman faces this issue.

If your partner has recently ejaculated inside you during having sex, you can make sure that you are sexually active. However, the best way to detect that you are sexually active is by getting a pelvic exam done.

The cost completely depends on the causes and the severity of the problem. 

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